When I was younger, not one birthday would go by without me creating a list of all the things I would want. I used to spend hours thumbing through the Argos catalogue, dreaming of toys’r’us aisles and meticulously writing neat lists. I think it was almost as fun as the actual birthday!

Even though my birthdays usually didn’t bring me the items at the top of the list (find me someone who got a pony, because I certainly didn’t, and was rather understanding when mum explained there wasn’t space for one in the garden)  I always remember  the list being part of the fun.

With that in mind (and a couple of hours to kill between shifts in work) here is my 25th birthday list!

  • want want want


    Literary tshirt. awesome

    This would replace all the needles I lost when I moved...

    Think of the pretty things I could carry around!


    If only i was skinny enough for anything from Rebel 8...


    Aaaaahh. A girl can dream eh?


    Even though I know I’m not going to get anything off that list, I know I’m still going to get some bits and bobs I want (I’m probably going to cave in and buy some shoes!).

    The thing which I am most looking forward to though, more than anything else birthday related, is when all my pals appear at my flat and we drink and chat the weekend away. In a way I think my wishlist is probably closer to my friend list than any shopping list!


    Gay love,

    Laura xx


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